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It's Hotter in Seoul - Ginger's Stories
Once upon a time, this place was beautiful and mine...
It's Hotter in Seoul
Title: It's Hotter in Seoul
Paring: Henry / Ryeowook
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Smut that is a little dated...but idc.
Summary: Being in the City of Love alone isn't exactly fun and Ryeowook really missed Henry while he was in Paris. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...other things just grow.

The others hadn’t even been home for thirty seconds before Ryeowook had dropped his bags in the hallway and launched himself at Henry. It was a testament to just how often this happened when everyone else just went about their business and ignored them.

Henry stumbled back a little at the force of Ryeowook crashing into him at a run and split second later his mouth was captured by Ryeowook’s and Ryeowook’s legs wrapped around his waist. That made the others take notice and he heard one of them wolf whistle. Probably Kyuhyun.

This was going a bit farther than he and Ryeowook usually did in front of everyone, with the exception of the day he had returned from America last year; Ryeowook had gotten his pants undone before he was even past the living room and no matter how many times his hyungs had seen him change clothes he still wasn’t going to let them see him like that.

“Hyukkie, get your video camera!” Heechul said gleefully and two words pushed their way to the front of Henry’s mind: Bedroom. Now.

Holding Ryeowook up and kissing back he backed up until he hit their bedroom door, freeing one hand to open it and get them safely inside. Ryeowook didn’t stop kissing him to speak until the door was closed and Henry was leaning on it from the inside.

“I missed you, Henli.”

“I can see that.” Henry would have laughed if he’d had the breath. “Hyung, you were only gone for four days.”

“Yes, but Henli we were in Paris. The city of love. You have no idea what it was like to be there and be alone.” Ryeowook tugged at the neckline of Henry’s shirt, pulling it away and licking the skin that became exposed. “Everyone was kissing and fucking all around me. And my room was next door to Donghae and Hyukjae…”

Henry nodded in realization, gasping when Ryeowook bit at his neck between words. Stumbling over towards the bed he sat back on it so Ryeowook was on his lap. “Yeah, they can be-”

“Really fucking loud.” Ryeowook finished before Henry could, pulling Henry’s shirt off. “Then the first night we were there I had this dream about you…it was a really good dream. But then I woke up and had to spend the next several hours hiding an erection from everyone and that wasn’t fun at all.”

Henry opened his mouth to reply but all that came out was a groan as Ryeowook rocked his hips forward. It was at that point Henry decided they were still wearing far too many clothes. His hands slid beneath Ryeowook’s shirt, pulling it off and pressing them closer together.

“I’ve been turned on and away from you for days.” Ryeowook breathed heavily, rocking his hips forward again and biting Henry’s ear. “I’ve spent every free moment of those days thinking about having you touching me.”

Just those words alone made Henry harder and he turned, pinning Ryeowook to the bed and looming over him. Seeing Ryeowook this needy and desperate made his head feel hazy and his entire body felt drawn to Ryeowook’s like a magnet. It was incredibly arousing to be wanted so badly.

“So in your dream, what did I do?” Henry asked, brushing his lips across Ryeowook’s collarbone just to feel the shiver it produced. Goosebumps rose on Ryeowook’s skin when he added his tongue and when his teeth grazed one of Ryeowook’s nipples the other boy whimpered, writhing and grinding their hips together hard.

Henry gently pushed Ryeowook back down flat on the bed and Ryeowook whined in protest, his hips trying to lift back up once before settling where Henry pressed them into the mattress.

“Did I do this?” Henry asked, sliding his hand over and rubbing at the bulge in Ryeowook’s pants. One of the most sinful moans he’d ever heard fell from Ryeowook’s lips; Ryeowook had been telling the truth about imagining this for days. Henry rubbed a little harder and Ryeowook finally nodded, moaning louder.

“Henli, kiss me…” Ryeowook’s voice was heavy with lust and Henry obliged, leaning in so their lips met.

Ryeowook’s kissing was as desperate as everything else he did and Henry drew out more muffled moans as his tongue invaded Ryeowook’s mouth. His fingers easily undid the front of Ryeowook’s jeans, slipping inside them and making Ryeowook jerk.

Even through the thin cotton fabric beneath his hand Ryeowook felt burning hot and he pulled his hand back, trailing his fingers lightly over Ryeowook’s length. Ryeowook’s whine was almost pitiful and their lips parted just long enough for Ryeowook to pant out the word ‘don’t’. When he continued toying with Ryeowook anyway he ended up gasping when Ryeowook bit his lip hard enough to convey just how much he’d meant that ‘don’t’. This was clearly not a time when Ryeowook would tolerate teasing.

He bit back but pushed Ryeowook’s pants and underwear down, helping Ryeowook squirm out of them and kick them to the floor. Managing to free himself from the grip Ryeowook had on the back of his head and neck, he slid fluidly down Ryeowook’s body until he had Ryeowook’s hips in his hands and Ryeowook’s cock in his mouth.

“Fuck…fuck!” Ryeowook cried, his hands covering his mouth and his obscenities muffling into groans. His hips snapped forward and if not for Henry’s hands holding him down slightly he definitely would have caused Henry to choke.

Knowing better than to tease, Henry only flicked his tongue once before starting to suck, bobbing his head until Ryeowook almost hit the back of his throat. He continued until Ryeowook was shaking then pressed his tongue flat and started to hum.

“H-Henli…stop…I…oh god…” Ryeowook throbbed hard in his mouth and his moans slid higher in pitch, fingers hooking into Henry’s hair and tugging. And even though it was what he’d told Henry to do, Ryeowook still let out a shaky, regretful moan when Henry’s mouth pulled away, tongue dragging all the way.

Nipping at the insides of Ryeowook’s thighs Henry looked up questioningly. He could tell by the way Ryeowook’s eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth hung open, panting, that he had stopped just short of bringing Ryeowook off completely. For not being able to stand being teased, Ryeowook sure was showing a remarkable amount of will power. Trembling fingers stayed tangled in his hair as he slid back up Ryeowook’s shaking body, lips latching onto Ryeowook’s neck over a racing pulse.

“What else do you want, Ryeowook?” Henry asked, licking just below Ryeowook’s jaw and trailing his fingers down Ryeowook’s ribs, knowing full well just how intense the feeling would be in Ryeowook’s current condition.

Ryeowook gasped and shuddered, his body tensing and his grip in Henry’s hair tightening. His hips bucked up, meeting nothing but air when Henry arched away. After a few heavy breaths Ryeowook finally managed to speak, his eyes opening to stare up at Henry. His pupils were so blown that his already dark eyes looked almost entirely black through his long eyelashes. “I want you to take your pants off.”

Before Henry could even move, one of Ryeowook’s hands left his hair and reached down, palming him through the front of his jeans. Every single sound Ryeowook had made up until that point had gone straight to Henry’s cock so he was already achingly hard and just as desperate to be touched as Ryeowook was.

Ryeowook’s fingers were as shaky as the rest of him but they had no problems popping open the button of Henry’s jeans and pulling down his zipper. They were perfectly good at finding their way past the elastic of Henry’s boxers and curling around him until his breath hitched. And Ryeowook’s words didn’t help him catch his breath again. “I want you inside me. Now.”

The rest of Henry’s clothes came off fast after that and Ryeowook’s hand stayed right where it was, sending electric sparks of pleasure up Henry’s spine with every slow stroke. As soon as his clothes were out of the way Henry leaned towards the bedside table and the lube that waited in the drawer there but before his fingers even touched the handle, Ryeowook had hooked a leg behind his and pulled him down so their bodies pressed together. His cock brushed Ryeowook’s and for a flash of a second he couldn’t breathe, his hips rocking forward for more friction.

“I want you to fuck me so hard that I’m louder than Donghae ever is.” Ryeowook breathed against his ear, pulling him down harder with a hand on his hip and Henry groaned, his hand finally fumbling the drawer open. It was good that opening the bottle in his hands was easy to do with little actual thought because Henry’s thoughts were hung on Ryeowook’s words.

“Make me so loud that Heechul wishes he was getting it on camera- ah!” Ryeowook jerked, rocking back on the two fingers pressed inside him.

“Is this what your dream was like, Ryeowook?” Henry asked, adding a third finger and pushing in deeper until Ryeowook gasped.

“No…” Ryeowook bit his lip and moaned, exhaling a breathy cry when Henry’s fingers found his prostate. “T-this is better…”

“Really?” Henry curled his fingers another time and Ryeowook’s whole body jerked again. “Good.”

“Oh god…Henli, do it now…”

He had barely gotten his hand out of the way before Ryeowook’s legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer until he pushed all the way in in one quick thrust. With the way Ryeowook moaned, Henry was lucky he didn’t come right then. Ryeowook’s muscles clamped down around him and Henry wanted nothing more than to move but even as much as Ryeowook had been insisting he get right to everything, Henry knew better and didn’t want to hurt him.

He didn’t have to wait long for Ryeowook to relax anyway and soon Ryeowook was shifting his hips and begging him to move.

Their lips met right as Henry pulled out and thrust in again, hard, and their groans were lost on each other’s tongues. Ryeowook’s hands clutched tight to the sheets and he rocked his hips up to meet Henry’s every thrust. His legs wrapped tighter around Henry’s waist and he tilted his hips until Henry’s next thrust hit just the right spot and another loud, explicit cry flew from his lips.

“Henli, harder…” Ryeowook panted, trying desperately to keep his hips angled just as they were when it was clear his limbs were almost beyond his control. When Henry reached down and held Ryeowook’s hips in place, slamming in harder, the older boy’s nails raked down his back. “Oh god, yes…like that…”

The walls were thin and Ryeowook was already loud enough that Henry knew everyone in the dorm could hear. And the harder he went the louder Ryeowook got. He could feel Ryeowook shaking and growing tighter with his every thrust and that combined with the sounds Ryeowook was making had him hurtling towards orgasm fast. He briefly considered slowing down to make it last longer but he was pretty sure Ryeowook would kill him if he did. So he decided instead to see just how far undone he could get Ryeowook before one of them came.

Keeping up the same rough pace, he leaned in and nipped at the junction of Ryeowook’s neck and shoulder. Ryeowook gasped, tipping his head to the side to give Henry better access to the rest of his neck and Henry gladly took advantage of it, licking and biting his way from Ryeowook’s collarbone to his ear.

Ryeowook’s moaning became almost constant and he began to squirm desperately against Henry, trying to get more of anything he could. His hips rocked harder into Henry’s thrusts and Henry moaned nearly as loudly as Ryeowook did.

“Fuck, if you keep doing that I’m going to come first and that won’t be as fun for you.” Henry groaned into Ryeowook’s ear and the movement of Ryeowook’s hips let up a little, but not entirely. Ryeowook’s shiver at his words gave him a new idea and he bit at Ryeowook’s ear lightly before whispering against it in English. “Is this still better than your dream, Ryeowook? If you get much louder I think they’ll hear you downstairs too.”

And even though the only thing Ryeowook had understood was his name, he moaned louder, the fingers of one hand weaving into Henry’s hair and clinging tightly. Ryeowook had a thing for hearing him speak English and he fully intended to make use of it, panting and filling Ryeowook’s head with filthy words he couldn’t even understand.

Ryeowook practically flew past the point of coherency. The only understandable word coming from his lips was Henry’s name on a stuttering, gasping loop, but Henry knew exactly what Ryeowook wanted. He could tell from the way Ryeowook’s body moved, arching against his.

When he slid his hand between their bodies and curled it around Ryeowook’s cock the other boy shuddered with a high pitched keening sound. Ryeowook throbbed around him just as Ryeowook’s cock throbbed in his hand and he only barely had to move his hand to get the same effect again. When Ryeowook’s hips started rocking hard against his again he knew he wouldn’t be able to get Ryeowook to stop this time. And he really didn’t want Ryeowook to stop anyway. He wanted more and Ryeowook wanted more and they were both going to get it.

His thrusts were so rough he was a little worried he would hurt the shuddering boy beneath him, but if he was hurting Ryeowook, Ryeowook didn’t seem to mind. Ryeowook’s head was thrown back and his nails were digging into Henry’s back, his grip on Henry’s hair so tight it was almost painful. His loud cries were choked by gasps and his mouth hung open. With each firm stroke of Henry’s hand, that now breathy keening sound moved higher and higher in pitch and then Ryeowook was coming with the most erotic moan yet.

Henry followed only seconds behind with that moan ringing through his head and Ryeowook’s body spasming around him. The wave of pleasure hit him hard and he collapsed on top of Ryeowook, leaving them both in a dazed, panting tangle on the sheets.

The first coherent thought to enter Henry’s head was that he could feel Ryeowook’s heart beat against his chest as if it was his own and they were breathing like they were the same person. Ryeowook’s head was tipped against his and Ryeowook’s arms and legs were still wrapped around him and if he could just stay right there forever and never move again he would be happy. But then the realization that he might smother Ryeowook made its way into his head and he used his wobbly arms to move and lay beside Ryeowook instead. Ryeowook clearly found that to be too far away and followed him, closing the tiny gap between them and pressing as close as possible.

Henry buried his face in Ryeowook’s messy red hair with a contented sigh, his arms circling around Ryeowook and keeping him close. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Ryeowook shook his head slightly, his hair tickling Henry’s face, and traced his fingers lightly over the scratches that ran over Henry’s back. “But I hurt you.”

“Not really.” Henry shivered as Ryeowook’s fingers continued to trace over his back. “So if this is what happens when you miss me, maybe we should be apart more often.”

“No.” Ryeowook said against Henry’s collarbone with all the manner of a three year old and snuggled closer.

“You’re right. I don’t like the whole missing you part. I’m glad you’re home.” Henry smiled, kissing the top of Ryeowook’s head. “So how was Paris?”

“Fun. But not as good as here. I brought you a present but it’s in my bag.”

“Oh what is it? Is it food?” Henry grinned with excitement and Ryeowook tipped his head back to look at him.

“Maybe.” Ryeowook smiled. “You can have it now, but you have to go get my bags, I’m not.”

“Okay.” Henry untangled himself from Ryeowook and tied one of the bed sheets around himself in a way that resembled a poorly put together toga, making Ryeowook giggle. Seeing Ryeowook completely naked on the bed and smiling made Henry reconsider leaving but in the end he convinced himself that it would really only take him a minute and then he’d be right back in bed with Ryeowook, possibly even with delicious food. He would just be fast. “I’ll be right back.”

Slipping out the door and shutting it behind him he headed down the hall to where Ryeowook’s suitcase and backpack still sat in the middle of the entryway. No one was in sight and he was glad. He got to the bags just fine but he only made it halfway back to the bedroom with the bags before Donghae and Hyukjae came into the hallway out of the kitchen.

“Hi, guys.” Henry smiled but they only stared at him in silent awe. They stood there in the hallway looking at each other without saying a word for a full minute before Henry finally started to move awkwardly towards the door again. “I’m just going to go…”

“So hey…I actually do have a video camera, you know…if the two of you want to-”

“Hyukkie!” Donghae cried, giving Hyukjae a little shove.

“What? Did you not just hear that?”

Everyone heard that. Don’t you have enough porn?”

“Not any like that!”

“Stop it, Hyukkie, you’re embarrassing Henli.” Donghae fussed as Henry’s face turned pink.

“Sorry, Henli.”

“But, Henli, maybe you could at least tell me what you did.” Donghae continued, himself, completely disregarding the way Henry’s face went from pink to red and adding in mangled English, “Come on, hook me up, bro!”

“I’m just going to go back into the bedroom and pretend this conversation never happened…” Henry muttered in shock, leaving Donghae and Hyukjae shoving each other in the hallway and bickering over ‘who fucked it up’.

“Oh, what happened?” Ryeowook asked upon seeing his flushed face as soon as he was safely back in the bedroom.

“Hyukkie wants to make you a porn star and Hae wants sex tips…” Henry sat, stunned, on the bed. And if he hadn’t been looking right at Ryeowook he wouldn’t have believed what he heard in reply. Just one word accompanied by a happy little smirk on Ryeowook’s face that spoke a thousand more.



A.N.: I almost had a freaking emotional breakdown trying to title this T_T I think while waiting for the new MV to come out is not a good time to try and actually think, lol

I started writing this right after I got back from SM Town Paris then got distracted from it. It's finally done now.......even if it is almost 2 months later.

Comments are love!!! <3

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nadz144 From: nadz144 Date: August 4th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC) (Link)
spot. i'll be back.
zaboomafoo76 From: zaboomafoo76 Date: August 4th, 2011 02:22 am (UTC) (Link)

EUNHAE!! Oh wanting to make Wook a porn star and asking Henry for tips xD


ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

I quite like needy Wook....yes I do.

EunHae are so funny and naughty xD Hyukkie would want to make HenWook porn, hehehehe xD

Nope, he certainly doesn't. ^^ Now he can use this to pick on EunHae or something, lol

Thanks for reading and commenting as always~ <3
catherine_leite From: catherine_leite Date: August 4th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC) (Link)

best thing that happenned to me while waiting and fidgeting for the Mr Simple MV. gosh, SM just wants to kill us all.
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
hahaha Behooollld, I bring unto you glorious HenWook smut to distract yourself with while waiting for SM to quit trolling xD Glad you enjoyed it and it gave you something to do while waiting ^^

Thanks for reading and commenting!!
glitterburn From: glitterburn Date: August 4th, 2011 08:33 am (UTC) (Link)
YAY that was great! Needy Wookie clinging like a vine to Henry as soon as he gets back, what could be more adorable ^^ Wookie wanting very hot sex with Henry, what could be hotter :p I loved the line about Wookie getting off on Henry talking dirty in English - yeah, I can see that for sure!!

And then the ending was hilarious, Donghae and Hyukkie being all amazed. I laughed out loud when Donghae asked for sex tips HAHAHA

Thank you for brightening up my morning!!
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you! I'm a big fan of needy, clingy, desperate Wook xD He would definitely try to have his way with Henry, whether people were around or not. xD I'm glad you like it. I've taken quite a liking to Wook getting off on Henry's English too.... this may have to come up in more fics.

EunHae are stunned and verrrry interested in what went on in that bedroom, oh yes. lol Hae WOULD ask for sex tips....in poor English xD <3 Eunhae

Awww you're welcome! Thank you for leaving another lovely comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! <3
whatyoudoing09 From: whatyoudoing09 Date: August 4th, 2011 11:06 am (UTC) (Link)
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Incoherencies! xD SUCCESS!!

I'm glad you liked it ^^

Thank you for reading and commenting!!
lulufeca From: lulufeca Date: August 4th, 2011 05:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
very intense. they should have recorded it
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yes they should have xD HenWook sex tape, yes please!

Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
mochiikatt From: mochiikatt Date: August 4th, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

* ___________________ * HENWOOK SMUT IS FRIGGIN HOTTT!

My ovaries died and I regret nothing!

LOL at Eunhae at the end!

“What? Did you not just hear that?”

“Everyone heard that. Don’t you have enough porn?”

“Not any like that!”


I love you for feeding me so much sexy Henwook<3<3

ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
FB is EVIL! But not as evil as SM...

xD YAY! I'm glad you liked it. I read it so many times that I stopped thinking it was sexy >_> So in the end I posted it and was like 'ehhh idk...I hope this is okay' lol

EunHae ftw!! They are so funny and naughty and awesome <3

Yes...EVERYONE heard HenWook.....and Hyukkie always needs more porn xD kekeke

<3 <3 I love you for reading it~ hehee ty for commenting bb <3
(Deleted comment)
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 4th, 2011 09:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Awesome! Glad I could provide ^^

Wheeee ty!! Incoherencies ftw xD

ILYtoo! ty for commmenntinng! <3
dustyship From: dustyship Date: August 5th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC) (Link)
idk how you do it but no matter how many times i read this I still get tingly and hot and bothered reading this :P :P


omg i can imagine henry coming back from America and wook already undid his pants in front of everyone @____@ wook needs to be constantly petted, if not... lol.

jfkla;fdak;a the foreplay is so HOT, like mindblowing hot and quoting you 'sinful.' Foreplay is so much more fun than the actual process, but even the actual sex was WOW.

HENRY talking DIRTY IN ENGLISH, please include that more often bc I mean srsly Henry's voice and English *_______*

It's like Wook can hear Henry talking dirty in English (and no clue what he says) but can be turned on just from that alone XD

And and and Wook wanting to be louder than Donghae. tiny boy got something BIG to prove :P and Henry is alllll tooo willing to oblige. I bet Henry missed Wook too.

omg the awkward convo with Eunhae, *covers ears* lol dude it's so awkward describing your sex procedure to another person lol. Eunhae would be the only ones not embarrassed by this lol. I wonder what Kyu thought about Henwook going at it like rabid bunnies :P

awww I HAVE TO SAY TEH FLUFFF THE FLUFF~!!!!!!!!!!!!1 nothing beats henwook fluff ;________; I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the heartbeat idea, and how when you're pressed on top of someone their breathing really does become your own. omg teh sweet and the fluff of this *explodes* srsly that was PERFECT and what was needed after such hot, INTENSE smut *_____________*

lol i know you said you're DONE with smut for a while, but SRSLY WOOK IN THE MV, HIS SEX FACE *grins* are you really SURE you're done with smut? XD
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 5th, 2011 02:02 am (UTC) (Link)
Read it like 10 more times and it won't be that way xD

NEEDY WOOK IS AWESOME AND SEXY OKAY! Yes, whoring totally works on Henry....

Yes, Wook needs constant attention or he gets demanding ^^ Not that Henry minds...

Its so much easier to WRITE the foreplay. xD I am highly attached to that word, 'sinful'. I was really glad to be able to use it kekeke

Henry talking dirty in English might have to make appearances in other smut stories. Bc omfg...hot. Wook doesn't even have to understand, just hear Henry's voice. x___x Because Henry is fucking sexy when he speaks English.

tiny boy got something BIG to prove YES! He does. And he did. xD Of course Henry missed Wookie <3

lolol Hae would probably keep asking Henry for DAYS. "come on, tell meeeee!" xD Kyu probably put on his headphones, all grossed out, and played Starcraft, rofl

I'm glad you liked that fluff but I'm seriously SERIOUSLY in hardcore regret mode over putting it in THIS story and not the First Time smut story I have.... fuckfuckfuck...what a waste. T_T I royally screwed myself over on that. Oh well...

lol IKR! After I saw the MV I was like: ".... FUCK. RYEOWOOK! I was DONE writing smut! WHY?!" I might have to write more smut sooner than I thought, lol.

ty for commenting again bb <3 <3 I'm glad you liked the story ^^
alittle_faith From: alittle_faith Date: August 5th, 2011 01:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeeess, you updated with a fic 8DD

Hottest thing ever o.o Yay for making up for the four days without each other >D

Thanks for updating!!!
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 7th, 2011 01:03 am (UTC) (Link)
I did indeed :D

Wooo! I'm glad you think so! haha yes.... they made up for the 4 days apart verrrry well xD

Thank YOU for reading and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!! ^^
rudeminnesotan From: rudeminnesotan Date: August 13th, 2011 01:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Haskldjflkjlolol EunHae are trolling HenWook. I love it.
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 16th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
xD I love EunHae and their totally awesome trolling abilities.


WOOK! Let Hyukkie make you a porn star!!! xD
(Deleted comment)
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 18th, 2011 08:07 am (UTC) (Link)
I guess its good I've gotten lazy and started posting with just the one icon lately xD Now ppl can recognize me ^^

Yay yay YAY! I'm glad you liked this so much! It stressed me out so much writing it that I was like "FUCK THIS, NO MORE SMUT NOW!" right after....but thats not working out so well when I have Wook's Mr. Simple album cover to stare at *__*

But yes, it is me! Hiiii! ^^

Thanks for commenting <3<3
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jhengchie From: jhengchie Date: August 23rd, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

and you make it so hot!!! i love it^^~`

I was really thinking about how Ryeowook would survive paris without his Henry~~ and yes.. i do hope Eunhae would be threatened at how hot and smokey HenWook smut is XD

thanks for writing amazing HenWOok as always^^
ginger_star From: ginger_star Date: August 26th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC) (Link)
See! I CAN write it all out still! Sometimes xD

Hurrraayyy!! I'm glad I can provide you with HenWook smut and that you loved it! ^^

Poor Wook-bb, didn't have his Henry to be all lovey with in Paris... :( lol EunHae are verrrry interested now in what HenWook gets up to xD very interested indeed...

Thank you for reading and commenting yet again~ <3
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